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Expert Service

We have dedicated teams to provide a complete line of products, services and parts to support your plant and help you stay current, connected, in production and on budget. Our offerings include remote monitoring and diagnostics, on-site technical support, parts and consumables, knowledge service and contract services. 


We brings together experienced professionals and advanced technologies, leveraging the best practices to help customers balance environmental and economic goals. Our team develops partnerships and delivers reliable, long-term solutions for customer that maximize water and energy resources.  Behind local team, there is a network of support distributed both regionally and globally. Industry experts, product applications technologists, regulatory specialists and other experts can all be part of problem resolution, solution design and implementation.


  • Parts & Consumables and Maintenance

We can provide you with the parts, consumables, chemicals and knowledge base needed for the daily operations of a plant, while also planning for the future. Prevent unexpected downtime and production loss by having proper both preventive & corrective maintenance and always having access the parts and consumables you need for your plant. Including OEM & third-party parts and tools needed for plant maintenance such as media, membranes, pumps, instrumentation, controls, or valves. 

  • Preventive Maintenance

  • Membrane Replacement

  • Media Replacement

  • System Cleaning


  • Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

        We offers the latest technology and tools in remote monitoring, diagnostics and analytics for your system to ensure your assets operate at optimal performance over their lifespan. With our digital services, customer can stay connected with your system and uncover opportunities to optimize your operations and lower costs using latest digital technology and tools. Digital technology can help increase the performance and productivity of water treatment facilities by connects key plant assets and operating data into a single digital environment that can be accessed by operators anywhere in the world, at any time. Operator in the plants can take their data to the next level by making process changes that optimize asset performance and longevity, boost productivity, lower operating costs, and save water and energy.

  • On-site Technical Support         

        We will provide on-site technical support for helping you react quickly and cost effectively to resolve and prevent issues at your plant with our field service representative (FSR) combine with the help of our global network. Our on-site services include unscheduled service visits, scheduled service visits, troubleshooting, and on-site training. For scheduled services, routinely visits from a  FSR  to review operations, perform maintenance checks and water analysis, offer recommendations to improve operations and will provide customer with a detailed service visit report. For unscheduled services, visit from our FSR to review and perform work on a specific technical issue, group of issues or in an emergency. Unlike scheduled service visits, which take place at predetermined intervals, these sessions take place on an as needed basis.


  • Knowledge Services 

        For customers who want support in improve their treatment systems operating, we offer a consulting service that partners you with a team of experienced water engineers, technicians, and analysts. Our team will use their in-depth knowledge of your plant and processes to recommend steps that you can take to develop optimization strategies to reduce operating costs and increase the life of production assets. 

  • Training
  • Plant audit

  • Pilot study

  • Special Lab Analysis

  • Partnership agreement

        Allowing you to focus on your company's core activities while providing you no capital expenditure, reduced operating costs and improved technical performance. Our team will guarantee system performance by utilizing the full scope of our service offerings. We will bundle any of our service offerings into a single package and choose a payment schedule that works for customer. 

  • Performance agreement

  • Service agreement

  • Build Own Operated (BOO)

  • Build Operated Transfer (BOT)



PCKem Solution was developed with the highest Service Delivery standards comply with international standards ISO/IEC 29110 

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