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We help customers realize their business productivity goals through a comprehensive portfolio of product and service offerings.  We have a complete chemical and monitoring portfolio to tackle the industry’s toughest water and process treatment challenges, while complying with all EHS requirements. We helps customers reduce costs, enhance production revenues and enable profits. 


Chemicals for Water Treatment 

Influent System

            Raw water must be treated for removal of suspended and colloidal solids, organics, bacteria and any other impurities before it is used in the plant. Most of the problems that occur at this stage will have a direct impact on a finer downstream purification step. Our chemical solutions help to operate the equipment used in this process to efficiently remove impurities that impact downstream in the manufacturing use or in the utilities that serve it. This will help impact a smooth operation, reduce CIP cleaning frequency, reduce operation cost through maintenance and cleaning, and impact energy optimization cost associated with water chemistry. ​

  • Coagulant

  • Flocculant​  


Cooling Tower

            Corrosion, deposition, fouling, and biological growth can affect cooling tower operations, leading to increased costs, equipment failure, and emergency shutdowns. Our broad portfolio of chemistries addresses these issues, including our best-in-class technology, a sophisticated molecule that is effective across the entire pH spectrum such as STP, AEC, HRA. The patented GenGard technology includes a stress tolerant polymer (STP), alkaline enhanced chemistry (AEC) and halogen resistant azole (HRA) in combination with phosphate-based steel corrosion inhibitors. This is the most advanced and effective water treatment technology for open recirculating cooling systems provide uncompromising results even under the most stressful conditions. 

  • Corrosion Inhibitor

  • Scale Inhibitor

  • Dispersant

  • Biocide

  • Defoamer

Closed Loop Cooling / Chiller

            In a closed recirculating cooling water system, water circulates in a closed cycle and is subjected to alternate cooling and heating without air contact. Heat, absorbed by the water in the closed system, is normally transferred by a water-to-water exchanger to the recirculating water of an open recirculating system, from which the heat is lost to atmosphere. Closed systems are widely used in air conditioning chilled water systems. We have various reliable corrosion inhibitors for closed cooling water systems and have proven to be superior treatments result in mixed metallurgy systems. 

  • Corrosion Inhibitor
  • Biocide


Boiler System & Steam Generation 

            Due to steam is the most energy efficient and reliable way to transfer heat in many industries. Optimizing boiler performance will providing heat transfer and steam generating efficiency. It is imperative that a proper program that conforms to the existing standard is in place to optimize boiler performance.  Deposition and corrosion are the main causes of reduced reliability in boilers. Most deposition and a good number of corrosion problems occur in the hottest areas of the boiler, including deaerators and feedwater piping and heaters.  The purity and quality of steam is also important for boiler operation, which is dependent on water quality, chemical dosing, boiler operations and cross contamination from other processes.  Controlling the chemistry of boiler system can prolong the life of physical assets and enhance process productivity. Our boiler water treatment solutions address common boiler problems such as corrosion, deposition, and steam purity while maximize the energy efficiency for the system.

  • Oxygen Scavenger
  • Internal Treatment 

  • Condensate Treatment


Membrane Separation

            Membranes are extremely effective in both water and wastewater treatment applications, but their performance relies on an effective chemicals program. Our full chemical portfolio includes chemistries that clean membranes, ensure reverse osmosis membrane performance, reduce membrane fouling and biological problem, enhance efficacy against scale forming substances.

  • Filter Aid
  • Dechlorination

  • Biocide

  • Antiscalant

  • Clean in Place


Wastewater System

            Whether municipal or industrial, we understands your challenges and recognizes the opportunities involved in creating sustainable solutions for wastewater treatment. Many industry is experiencing significant stress related to total water costs associated with growth, economic and regulatory changes.  In all countries, environmental regulatory legislation continues to drive discharge standards lower. Our chemistries treat severely impaired water for reuse or safe discharge, addressing such issues as heavy metals, nitrates, and odors. Also our innovative solutions for the treatment of wastewater for recycle/re-use, complemented with equipment for removing contaminants from water and discharge, combine with expertise to help customer for sustainable solutions in wastewater treatment.

  • Coagulant 
  • Flocculant

  • Heavy Metal Removal

  • Sludge Dewatering

  • Biological Enhancement


NSF/FDA Approved Programs

        Our product portfolio includes a variety of products and chemistries that are approved for potable water production by major regulatory bodies including NSF, FDA and more. These products include: organic and inorganic coagulants, a wide range of polymeric flocculants, membrane antiscalant, boiler water treatment ,and cooling water treatment. 


Chemicals for Industrial Process Treatment 


  • Dust Control-Suppressing dust is a major challenge for the mining, minerals, and power industries. Our unique offerings include patented antioxidants, dust control binders, and high performance foam application systems that address both dust from roads and coal.


  • Fuel Treatment-An effective fuel treatment program can increase fuel efficiency, reduce maintenance costs, and protect equipment from failure due to corrosion. Our solutions for fuel treatment allow customers to get more from the fuel they use and in some cases, switch to a less expensive option without sacrificing reliability or environmental compliance.


  • Scale Control-Water and wastewater systems that suffer from scaling issues experience serious performance issues. Our scale control product family controls scale formation and fouling related to several culprits, including: calcium carbonate, calcium sulfate, magnesium carbonate, calcium phosphate, and zinc phosphate.


  • Sugar and Ethanol - We have solutions for many operations within the sugar and ethanol production industry, including the control of microbiological contamination for juice during the clarification process in evaporation, as well as chemical cleaning for the evaporators. Additionally, we can offers a wide range of products to clarify sugar, with products that have received FDA food contact approval. We are committed to deliver the solutions needed by the Sugar and Ethanol industry to create more sustainable water usage, design more efficient ways to produce water and install water solutions to improve efficiency, water recycling and reuse. 


  • Canning and packaging-The canning process is a packaging method that is used in many Food & Beverage industries. The canning industry deserves specific attention due to the use of a variety of sterilization techniques, which require water of a certain quality to prevent product defects. The process waters used in these industries require a combination of expertise on the equipment used, the water treatment chemistry and the metallurgy of the different materials involved. In this industry, brand and quality is associated with can appearance. Corrosion at the can surface and seams must be avoided and this requires a specific water treatment program. We combines this wide expertise in cooling, boiler, wastewater, reverse osmosis, cleaning technologies and monitoring capabilities that allow interconnection without risking any of the brand and quality impacted.


Digital Water 

  • InSight

        InSight is a monitoring and diagnostics system that enables effective management of overall plant water systems performance though remote data acquisition and analysis. The reporting capabilities allow plant personnel and our service teams to focus on maximizing energy efficiency, production throughput, and equipment life expectancy with minimal personnel time. InSight enables system performance validation through monitoring key performance indicators and the parameters that affect them. Customers can use InSight to gather information on multiple systems, locations and data sources, using a simple mechanism via the web and e-mail. 


  • Truesense

        TrueSense is SUEZ’s premier family of monitoring products, offering customers powerful options for protecting their most important assets. With thousands of installations worldwide, these systems bring calm to customers’ operations and enable optimized performance.TrueSense brings advanced sensing technologies, intelligent control algorithms and a robust knowledge management system to complement our leading service and chemical offerings. TrueSense is a fully assembled system for the management of the chemistry of open evaporative recirculating cooling systems. It enables the optimization of reliable and consistent cooling water operations at the lowest possible total cost of ownership. The system includes core analytes module that automates powerful assays of all three key chemistry of a cooling treatment program including orthophosphate, dispersant polymer, free halogen, and control module to collects and acts on measurement results.


  • Pacesetter

        The PaceSetter is a ground breaking water systems controller that combines advanced control and human interface capability into one package. Extraordinary processing power, control flexibility and communications options allow the PaceSetter to give access to the most advanced control practices, providing lower system costs and facilitating integration with existing systems. This comprehensive total system approach is made possible only through the marriage of advanced technology and our treatment experience. The PaceSetter can optimizes treatment feedrates automatically and continuously, based on changing process conditions through easily configured graphical application templates.


  • Ready Set Go

        RSG is a fully integrated, plug-and-play control system for the management of corrosion, scale/deposition and microbiological activity in open evaporative recirculating cooling systems. System consist of Industrial probe set with thermal flow switch for reliable and dependable pH, conductivity and ORP measurement with minimal intervention. A variety of chemical feed options and control methods are available using the frequency output modules. These include volumetric timer controls, flow proportional feed control based on either makeup or blowdown, and dosage set point for precise feed control of chemicals.

  • Inventory Management 

        Knowing the rate of consumption of chemicals is important from many perspectives. These include confirming chemicals are not being over or under fed, avoiding run out situations, and effective inventory management. The wireless tank monitoring solution can be applied to virtually any chemical container. Tank data can be viewed via the web at anytime from anywhere there is internet connectivity. Visualization of data is made easy and effective through dashboards and trending information accessible via InSight platform.


  • Water Expert System
  • On-Line Analyzer

        We can provides laboratory instruments and process control instruments for simpler, faster, and more accurate analytical measurement and control system such as pH, conductivity, Total Organic Carbon (TOC), Oil in Water etc.

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