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Cartridge Filters

Purtrex Plus Dept Cartridge Filter ZPlex
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Depth Cartridge Filters

high efficiency, high performance, long life filter

SUEZ Z.Plex technology uses transverse “Z” fibers to provide rigid strength from the core to the outer layer without the presence of a conventional support core. The gradient density from the outer to inner core preserves the original Hytrex melt blown technology concept of progressively finer layers where the previous layer acts as a pre-filter to the next layer. This
design spreads the dirt removal work out over the entire depth of the media. The unique three-dimensional structure of Z.Plex filter matrix helps deliver benefits to users in three
key areas: dirt holding capacity, filter life, and pressure drop.

Pleated Cartridge Filters

Increase product safety and purity with longer-lasting, high-purity SUEZ filters

SUEZ is your complete source for pleated filters with a broad range of fiber and membrane materials. SUEZ's pleated filters feature polypropylene, Halar, and glass microfibers, as well as polyethersulfone, track-etched polycarbonate, PTFE, and nylon 66 absolute membranes. Renowned manufacturing excellence and decades of experience result in high quality products for your business.

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PurtrexPlus_SUEZ_Depth Filter
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Depth Cartridge Filters Product Series

6.5” diameter filter for high flow water and process applications.

High strength and efficiency filters for demanding applications.

High strength and efficiency filters for demanding applications.

 Z.Plex filter engineered for SDI reduction in reverse osmosis pretreatment applications.

Designed for seawater prefiltration.

Designed for seawater prefiltration.

Pleated Cartridge Filters Product Series

combining precise micron ratings with exceptional solids-holding capacity and long service life. Nominal and absolute micron retention ratings: 0.2 to 40 m.

absolute micron ratings for the ultimate in product safety and purity. Absolute micron retention ratings: 0.05 to 0.45 m. Available with PES, Nylon, PCTE, Polyproylene and PTFE membranes.

a low-cost line of pleated cartridge filters that uses either PES membrane or dual rated glass microfiber filter.

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