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The PCKem Solution was founded in 2005 as a solution provider for industrial water treatment, meeting the  challenge from both locally and globally in water scarcity due to growing population and industry. Also, regulatory requirements continue to become stringent. Coupled with unique products and industry expertise, we are ready to help customers manage and succeed in an ever-changing market, while enabling environmental stewardship and sustainable savings.  We are proud to help our customers successfully compete and win in today’s industry. 

  • A company have complete line of products, services, part and consumable offerings include remote monitoring and diagnostic for industrial water treatment.

  • Provide off-site and on-site technical support by experienced professionals with advanced water technologies and worldwide best practice.

  • Strives to be the preferred partner to deliver reliable long-term solution to our valued customer that sustain water resource and environment.


Who We serve

We offers water treatment technologies that meet specific requirement in various industries. We can control cost, water quality and quantity whilst maintaining the highest standards of environmental, health, and safety excellence providing our customers with the assurance that their water treatment will suitable with each industry requirement. 

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  • Commercial and Institutional Facilities

  • Ethanol

  • Food & Beverage

  • General Manufacturing

  • Municipal water and Wastewater Treatment

  • Microelectronic

  • Mining and Mineral Processing

  • Power Generation

  • Pharmaceuticals

  • Sugar Mill

  • Water Scarcity Relief

                       Customer Benefit

  1. Continuously Improve Performance 

  2. Continuously Drive Down total Cost

  3. The best total life cycle economic value

  4. Comply with regulation and product quality standard


What We Provide

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We helps customers realize their business productivity goals through a comprehensive portfolio of product and service offerings.  We have a complete chemical and monitoring portfolio to tackle the industry’s toughest water and process treatment challenges, while complying with all EHS requirements. We helps customers reduce costs, enhance production revenues and enable profits.

Innovative equipment solutions help customer achieve key business goals, meet critical water needs, and cope with scarce water resources. We bring together professionals and technologies, and our global capabilities to solve the most complex challenges related to water availability and quality, increased productivity, cost reduction and environmental regulations for our customers.


We have dedicated teams to provide a complete line of products, services and parts to support your plant and help you stay current, connected, in production and on budget. Our offerings include remote monitoring and diagnostics, on-site technical support, parts and consumables, knowledge service and contract services.

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For customers who want support in improve their treatment systems operating, we offer a consulting service that partners you with a team of experienced water engineers, technicians, and analysts.



We offer a broad portfolio of filters and membranes to address the wide ranging needs of customers. To solve our customers critical water and process treatment demands, we have a wide range of separations membrane from spiral wound RO, NF, MF, and UF elements, to special membrane.



InSight is a monitoring and diagnostics system that enables effective management of overall plant water systems performance though remote data acquisition and analysis.


For more than a decade, PCKem  has involved sustainable solutions to help customers address water shortage challenges. And today our commitment is even stronger. As water becomes more of a scarce resource, many corporations are developing sustainability policies based on an effective water usage strategies. We are a forward-thinking and thoughtful leader in developing the water, water reuse, wastewater treatment and process solutions for our customers who need to meet Water sustainability goals efficiently and effectively.

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