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Spiral Wound Membranes

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Spiral Wound Membranes

SUEZ’s spiral wound membrane elements cross the spectrum of membrane including reverse osmosis (RO), nanofiltration (NF), ultrafiltration (UF), and microfiltration (MF). Originally designed for water desalination, spiral wound membranes are now used in a variety of applications including in the dairy industry, in manufacturing products, for high purity water and at high temperature and extreme pH conditions. SUEZ offers membranes that are designed to meet the customers’ needs in each unique situation.

  • Improved operations

  • Better environmental compliance

  • Increased water reuse

  • Lower maintenance costs

Membrane Module.jpg

Membrane Modue

The spiral wound element type is the workhorse in the membrane world. The spiral wound element design was originally made exclusively for water desalination, but the very compact design and the low price made it attractive to other industries. After a lot of trial and failure, redesigned elements emerged which can be used for a variety of industrial applications in the dairy industry, the pulp and paper industry, for high purity water, and at high temperature and extreme pH. However, the number of membrane companies who really can and will develop and supply spiral sound elements for extreme applications in in many cases limited to one.

PurtrexPlus_SUEZ_Depth Filter
MemTrex cartridge filter.jpg

6.5” diameter filter for high flow water and process applications.

Backish Water RO Membrane

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