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Influent Water System

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Removal of suspended solids in water is generally achieved through the use of clarification and/or filtration.

From Strokes Law theory, there are 3 steps to make particle has appropriate properties for fast settling and easy to be removed.

Step 1: Coagulation-Fast mix is the process of destabilization by charge neutralization. Once neutralized, particles no longer repel each other and can be brought together.

Coagulation is necessary for the removal of the colloidal-sized suspended matter.


Coagulant chemicals

Common coagulant chemical in market eg. Aluminum sulfate (Alum) and Polyaluminum chloride (PAC)


Step 2: Flocculation-Slow mix is the process of bringing together the destabilized, or "coagulated," particles to form a larger agglomeration, or "floc."


Step 3: Sedimentation refers to the physical removal from suspension, or settling, that occurs once the particles have been coagulated and flocculated. Sedimentation or subsidence alone, without prior coagulation, results in the removal of only relatively coarse suspended solids.


Types of Coagulants and Flocculants

The coagulation and flocculation process can occur naturally in some cases or be enhanced by the addition of coagulant and flocculant aids. PCKem offers a comprehensive portfolio of coagulants, flocculants and custom-designed polymers that aid the flocculation and coagulation process:


KlarAid* Coagulants – Highly charged inorganic, organic and custom blended coagulants for clarification of industrial water and wastewater.

PolyFloc* Flocculants – High molecular weight clarification and dewatering polymers.

Novus* Flocculants – Proprietary high molecular weight clarification and dewatering.


Benefits of our coagulant and flocculant chemicals are

  • Reduces fouling by solids, organics, microbiological materials and colloids

  • Increases settling rates

  • Improves filter performance

  • Reduces sludge volume

  • Improves efficiency in boiler and cooling systems

  • Improves the performance of scale inhibitors

  • Improves process operations

  • Produces cleaner, safer drinking water


For more information on Influent system water treatment, please contact the expert at PCKem Solution today.

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