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Boiler Water System

Boiler System & Steam Generation

Corrosion and deposition are main causes to reduce boiler reliability and effect to steam efficiency. In addition to mechanical/physical control, water chemistry control is also very important to optimize boiler performance.

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Boiler Water Treatment Chemicals

Oxygen Scavenger

Dissolved oxygen in water can cause to be occur pitting corrosion on feedwater lines, economizers, boiler tubes and condensate lines. ASME (American Society for Mechanical Engineering) typical guideline of boiler water standard has set to control dissolved oxygen in boiler feedwater < 7 ppb. So, oxygen scavenger chemicals are needed.

Cortrol* Oxgen ScavengerCorTrol is designed for the control of corrosion caused by dissolved oxygen in makeup and feedwater systems. The resulting absence of oxygen and feedwater conditioning contributes to iron passivation. CorTrol is an aqueous organic oxygen scavenger that does not contribute inorganic solids to boiler feedwater.

Internal Treatment

Boiler water internal treatment chemicals help to protect scale formation and corrosion to improve boiler efficiency and reliability.

Benefits of Internal Treatment by OptiSperse*

  • Minimize metal oxide deposition and caustic corrosion

  • Improve boiler reliability

  • Exact tailored sodium : phosphate ratio

  • Increase iron removal from the steam generator system utilizing the existing blowdown systems

  • Improves iron transports through the steam generator


Steam Condensate Treatment

Condensate water is important because it is source of high purity water and source of energy. Low quality of condensate water will be causes of equipment and piping failure, lost steam/condensate and feedwater contamination.

Steamate* NA Condensate Corrosion Inhibitors

This product contains water-soluble neutralizing amines. It can neutralize carbonic acid present in condensate. And are designed to protect all parts of the condensate system.

For more information on Influent system water treatment, please contact the expert at PCKem Solution today.

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