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Membrane Seperation System

Chemical treatment for RO (Reverse Osmosis) is extremely important. Mineral scale, biological matter, colloidal particles and insoluble organic material are the causes of fouling on spiral wound membrane elements. If membrane surfaces have deposit and other material, normalized permeate flow and/or normalized salt rejection can be losses.

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RO Pretreatment Chemicals

  • Filter aid

Pre-filtration efficiency for RO feedwater can be improved by additional chemical treatment. It can be used for UF, MF, MMF and clarifiers.

SoliSep* Anionic Polymeric Flocculant

SoliSep is designed to significantly improve the efficiency of colloidal solids removal by sand and multimedia filters. This product is a high molecular weight organic coagulant which is to be injected directly ahead of the multi-media filters.

  • Antiscalants/Antifoulants

Scaling in membrane occurs when the solubility of certain sparingly soluble salts is exceeded within the feed-brine passages of RO systems. Scaling effect to system has decreased permeate flow, significant decreases in salt rejection and increased differential pressure across the last stage of a multistage system.

Hypersperse* Antiscalants/Antifoulants

Hypersperse pretreatment program is designed to significantly reduce scale formation and fouling in membrane systems. These antiscalants re suitable and effectively used in a range of feedwater sources, including brackish, waste and seawater.

  • Dechlorination Chemicals

Added chloride in pretreatment water for control microbiological. While it can directly damage to thin-film composite membranes and decrease lifetime. So, free and combined chloride in RO and UF feedwater should be removed.


BetzDearborn* Dechlorinating Agents

BetzDearborn products is quickly deactivated chlorine and protect membranes from damage. It also is very cost-effective product.

  • Biological Control Chemicals

Biofouling is a term used to describe deposits of microbes, bacteria, yeast, celldebris or metabolic products. Biofouling is far from well defined, but however it is defined, general experience bears out that it is usually difficult to remove.

BioMate* membrane biological control chemicals

BioMate are non-oxiding biocides that are highly effective in reducing bacterial growth and the build-up of slime on a variety of membrane types.

  • Clean in Place/RO Membrane Cleaning Chemicals

RO membrane cleaning chemicals help to remove deposit and fouling materials on the membrane and improve membrane performance.

Kleen* MCT cleaners

Kleen MCT cleaner is designed to remove organics, silt, microbiological accumulation and other particulate deposits from RO, NF, UF and MF membranes. This highly effective products provides superior cleaning resulting in longer system running time.

Fouling on membrane surface


For more information on Influent system water treatment, please contact the expert at PCKem Solution today.

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